Whitepaper: Event Based Services

This white paper consists of 4 chapters and serves to highlight some of the challenges, and most importantly, the opportunities of public service offering today.

It covers the main changes that the vision for the future will bring with it when compared to the current situation, using the example of childbirth as an event-based service.

  • What are the challenges with public services today?
  • The concept of event-based services: What is an event-based service?
  • What the provision of public services could look like in the future?
  • How to create event-based services?

a woman holding a baby

This whitepaper presents the analysis results of life event-based public services. The project “Life event services analysis” was financed from the European Regional Development Fund according to directive 15-0329 of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure from October 16, 2015, titled “Funding the activities of implementing bodies for creating interoperability of public services”.
Trinidad Wiseman (TWN) is a leading Estonian service design and digital transformation company with clients in the private and public sectors worldwide. TWN’s 10+ years of development experience spans the depth of security-critical information systems throughout all public sector departments. TWN is the government’s long-term innovation partner, and 60% of the workload consists of public sector projects.
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