Code of Conduct

Culture and Social Responsibility

Trinidad Wiseman Code of Conduct is intended for our new and long-standing employees, as well as partners (subcontractors, freelancers, and temporary workers), to help foster a shared understanding of our values and attitudes.

The Code of Conduct represents a dynamic guide that is perpetually evolving, reflecting the ongoing changes in both ourselves and the world surrounding us.

We are collaborators in business digital transformations, providing comprehensive solutions from planning to execution and enhancement. We craft a forward-thinking future with a focus on service design centred around people and digital innovation. Since the establishment of Trinidad Wiseman, putting people at the heart of what we do has been crucial in our projects and workplace ethos. In every project, we place great emphasis on user experience and accessibility.

Environmental Responsibility

At Trinidad Wiseman, a key part of our work is helping to reduce our clients' ecological footprint through digitalization and sustainable service design. We adhere to sustainability principles and environmental requirements throughout our entire business cycle: management, services, work methods, and office rules. 

We've deliberately chosen office locations with excellent public transport and bicycle path connections. This allows everyone to commute without personal cars, contributing to environmental conservation. The buildings are constructed with A-energy class standards in mind. We continuously strive to reduce the environmental impact of our employees and offices through the following actions:

  • Emphasising the importance of environmental conservation to our employees, underscoring that sustainable futures start with each of us. Considering the environmental impact in our decision-making process.
  • Implementing thoughtful waste sorting systems in our offices, using eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning products, and requiring our partners to follow the same principles.
  • Employing agile and reusable methods for work organisation and testing solutions in progress to improve efficiency, which meets not only business but also environmental goals, thereby reducing digital waste.
  • Presenting materials resulting from our services in digital form to clients.
  • If printing on paper is unavoidable, we use products with Type I eco-label or other equivalent labels. All necessary documentation, including billing, is digital.
  • Preferably using virtual communication channels and environments for project planning, implementation, and technical organisation. Regular meetings are held virtually, significantly reducing the need for short and long business trips, thus effectively reducing CO2 emissions from transportation.
  • Utilising cloud-based document storage accessible to employees, significantly reducing the need for separate hard drive or computer copies, thereby considerably decreasing the company's digital footprint.
  • Deleting unnecessary work documents and draft files, ensuring all digital materials are stored and transmitted optimally to prevent digital waste.
  • Implementing flexible working hours and remote work principles, allowing employees to choose environmentally considerate travel times and means.
  • Continuously reviewing the technology we use, donating tools we can no longer use ourselves, such as to schools, libraries, kindergartens, etc.
  • Partnering with charitable organisations, like Lions Club, collecting and donating clothes to those in need.

Keeping a constant eye on environmental impacts and continually seeking new ways to be more sustainable. Our board annually reviews our environmental impact rules and makes decisions accordingly to change or update the technologies we use.

Ethical Employer

Trinidad Wiseman is a workplace for smart and independent individuals, where we build human-centered systems that significantly impact people's lives. We expect that our employees want to work and grow, and our goal is to provide them with an environment where this can be done in the best possible way. This means a good atmosphere, capable colleagues, a lot of freedom, and few strict rules. From our employees, we expect responsibility, initiative, and the desire to become top professionals in their field. 


Our daily actions are guided by three core values: human-centeredness, professionalism, and autonomy.

These values help us set priorities and make faster, fairer, and more compatible decisions. Our management and salary models are also built in accordance with these values.


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Human-Centered Approach

We recognise that Trinidad Wiseman, as an entity, isn't a tiered system composed of interchangeable resource units, but rather a collaboration of individuals working in unison. We favour expectations and guidelines over rigid rules and procedures.


Our operations consistently accommodate human adaptability. This organisational framework permits us to react more promptly to shifts and avert the inequities, obstructions, and irritations that can stem from inflexible regulations.

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Our objective is to deliver the finest work achievable, considering external constraints (like project scope and deadlines) and our abilities - this entails methodical, accountable, and steady effort.


It's also crucial to recognise that Trinidad Wiseman isn't akin to a family. A more fitting analogy is that of an elite sports team. As a premier league club, we are committed to ensuring our players can grow and attain top results, both individually and collectively. In exchange, we anticipate dedication, resolve, and proactivity.

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We offer everyone the freedom to select their preferred working methods and tools, aiming for results that are advantageous for both the client and the company. We steer clear of excessive approval procedures and reporting; we refrain from micromanagement and avoid imposing unnecessary rules. Instead, we empower our staff to assume responsibility and independently resolve issues where it seems appropriate. We recognise that this method may result in errors, but as a learning organisation, we use these experiences as learning opportunities.


Trinidad Wiseman is not a leaderless organisation. The roles of both leaders and specialists are essential, with neither being superior or inferior to the other; they simply engage in different kinds of work.

Employee Development

“A good specialist is much more than just someone skilled in a specific technology or method.” 

We have created an environment where our employees can grow and exchange their expertise. At Trinidad Wiseman, it's a fundamental policy that when someone seasoned is undertaking a task for the first time, or when a new member joins the team, they always collaborate on their initial projects with a mentor. We ensure no one is left to navigate the unknown alone.

Our support for our employees is unwavering, encouraging them to acquire new skills or become specialists in their areas. To facilitate this, we have provided various opportunities, including access to paid learning platforms, in-house training sessions, and mentoring schemes.

Occupational Health and Wellbeing

Our employees are our most valuable asset; Trinidad Wiseman wouldn't exist without them. Our aim is to look after our employees and ensure that their physical and social working environment is comfortable, safe, and secure.

We provide our employees with sports compensation and also the chance to access mental health services. We have invested in the workplace by offering spacious work areas and high-quality working tools.

Additionally, we assess our employees' job satisfaction and strive to maintain a stable balance between work and personal life to avoid burnout.

Equal Opportunities

We stand for ensuring that regardless of gender identity, age, ethnicity, country of origin, abilities, disabilities, religious beliefs, sexuality, nationality, convictions, social background, or having children, our employees are treated equally in terms of development, promotion, salary decisions, and opportunity provision. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying, harassment, and unequal treatment. We are proud of the excellent balance between men and women among Trinidad Wisemani employees, with about 50% being women.

Freedom of Speech and Privacy

We respect every employee's right to express their thoughts, ideas, and beliefs without fear of persecution or slander. We ensure that all employees' right to privacy is respected, but not to the extent that it harms or endangers another person's freedom

Responsible Partner


Fighting corruption is extremely important to us as it promotes honest business practices and trust. We neither offer nor accept bribes under any circumstances. We do not engage in influence peddling or make agreements to dishonestly promote our business. Such practices are unethical and against our beliefs.

Anti-Money Laundering

We ensure that our revenues are earned honestly and legally. We do not collaborate with criminal organisations, individuals suspected of crimes, or companies and do not contribute to criminal activities in any way.  We communicate with our partners and clients professionally, complying with all laws, and keeping our financial activities transparent.

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

We do not make business decisions or choices that could lead to a conflict of interest between personal life and business activities. Our decisions are always made without personal interests in mind, and we do everything possible to avoid such situations. We do not give preferential treatment to close individuals like family, relatives, or friends. All our professional relationships are always professional and selfless.

Ensuring Privacy

Data protection is a priority in all our activities, both ongoing and planned projects. According to agreements with different entities, we delete or anonymize data that we no longer need. This ensures that our employees, clients, and partners can trust us with their personal data. We value this trust highly and do everything to maintain it.

Promoting Fair Competition

Promoting fair competition is important to us as it fosters innovation, productivity, consumer interests, and reduces economic inequality among companies. We take care to ensure that we do not sign contracts or make agreements that would hinder competition.

Third Parties

We strive to ensure that all parties we work with or encounter during processes share similar views and expectations regarding honesty, fairness, and ethics. We aim to work only with responsible partners, understanding that all parties influence processes, decisions, and mutual relations.