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We offer monitoring services to track and support an organization's activities following a development or design project and provide guidance for implementing the change, if necessary.


"Trinidad Wiseman analysts are professionals - they delve deep into the subject matter and project goals, are proactive, maintain proper communication, and adhere to deadlines. We appreciate the team's excellent and forward-thinking work!"

- Anu Piirisild, HITSA IT Project Manager  

Benefits of Monitoring

Why Consider Monitoring?

Any change entails a risk that the implementation of a new solution may not go smoothly and as expected. Timely intervention helps organizations reap the anticipated benefits of the change faster and avoid making premature business decisions.


For example, it could happen that people are reluctant or unfamiliar with using new software, leading to problems. Through monitoring, we help identify concerns and reasons behind them, and if necessary, we design more user-friendly solutions.

Monitoring allows you to quickly derive benefits from the implemented change by helping you...

  • Confirm whether the new solution works as planned
  • Validate hypotheses about the change or campaign
  • Intervene promptly when things are not progressing as expected
  • Identify questions and issues arising from the change
  • Find answers to why the new solution is not functioning and determine corrective measures
  • Investigate reasons why people are hesitant to adopt the new solution
  • Make fact-based decisions
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of organizational operations

Business Cases

Monitoring is an ongoing process of continuous improvement that encompasses internal organizational changes, process enhancements, service improvements, and optimizing human behavior.

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Smart Users

Looking to train program users but lacking prior experience? Our monitoring service offers training for specialists, enabling them to implement changes and enhance the digital competence of your organization.


For example, we have conducted training sessions for library staff on user training for library users and the usage of Microsoft Teams environment.

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Enhance User Satisfaction

If users are dissatisfied with a new system and you want to understand their reluctance to use it, gathering user feedback and properly analyzing it before making further investments in system improvement is crucial. Our monitoring service also provides training on feedback analysis, ensuring you have the tools to understand user sentiments effectively.

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Assess Campaigns and Pilot Projects' Effectiveness

Want to know how your online campaign or pilot project is performing? Monitoring periodically tracks and evaluates business metrics, validates hypotheses, and provides answers to questions about the project's progress and the need for any adjustments. We assist in setting up metric systems and, if necessary, integrating information systems. 

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Identify Root Causes of Problems

Interested in understanding why users are not utilizing your new or improved service? Monitoring can help identify whether the issues stem from usability or technical problems, providing valuable insights for considering development or usability testing. By pinpointing the root causes, you can allocate resources effectively and address the right pain points immediately. 

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Improve Business Processes

If you're curious about why customers use your service only once and then abandon it, monitoring can help investigate issues within the service delivery chain. This includes examining potential problems related to technology, customer service, or sales


At Trinidad Wiseman, we take a tactful approach to addressing human behaviour-related issues. Through field observations, interviews with customer service representatives, and gathering feedback from clients, we aim to uncover the root causes behind customer behaviour and make improvements accordingly.


Monitoring Service Explained: What to Expect?

Monitoring is a change management service that involves observing an organization's progress and offering support during the implementation of change. Our monitoring services are available to clients who have entrusted us with design or development projects. We also provide software maintenance services and training for software that was not developed by Trinidad Wiseman.


To ensure that your organization maximizes the anticipated benefits of change, it is crucial to plan implementation activities in advance, even before acquiring new software. The most effective and efficient outcomes are achieved when the organization has undertaken preparatory work and its members are prepared to embrace the new software and the associated changes.

People-Centered Approach

We believe that every change involves people, which is why a people-centered approach has been integral to Trinidad Wiseman's projects and work culture from the beginning. In our projects, we always pay heightened attention to user experience and accessibility.


During the monitoring service, we focus on the users of the new solution and the client organization, seeking to achieve the anticipated benefits of the change as quickly as possible.


With a team consisting of UX designers, service designers, and business analysts who possess over 10 years of experience in studying human behavior and organizational change, we bring a comprehensive understanding to our projects. Our people-centered approach is further enhanced by the technical expertise of our skilled development team. This combination allows us to thoroughly investigate and address problems from three crucial perspectives - considering the business aspect, the human factor, and the technology involved.


In monitoring projects, it is often necessary to evaluate web analytics. To do so, we determine whether the analytics tool used within the organization is capable of providing answers to the specified research questions or requires configuration.


Sometimes, it is necessary to extract metric values from the system on a one-time basis, while other times, the project requires creating a custom dashboard for the organization.


Our services include analysis projects related to Google Analytics and the installation, training, and configuration of AppDynamics software. Through Atlassian's Jira dashboard, we manage approximately 40 different software maintenance projects simultaneously. We are official partners of AppDynamics in the Baltic states and the largest provider and manufacturer of Atlassian solutions in Estonia.

Methodology and Tools

During monitoring, we conduct various activities and studies such as metric evaluation, interviews, observations, questionnaires, and A/B tests to assess whether the implemented changes have brought the anticipated benefits to the organization.


Business Metrics

Business metrics play a significant role in decision-making, but extracting their values from the system can be a technical and time-consuming task. Through the monitoring service, we assist you in configuring, monitoring, and understanding business metrics.


If your organization is planning a change, we can agree on the necessary metrics and information systems integration at an early stage. Subsequently, we design a dashboard that allows you to easily and conveniently track business metrics.


AppDynamics, of which we are an official partner in Estonia, offers excellent software for monitoring and error detection in information systems.


We deliver the results of monitoring according to the format agreed upon with the client. This may include a specific error resolution report, process improvement proposal, as well as guides, user interfaces, or dashboards. 


Factors Influencing Price of Monitoring

The cost of monitoring business metrics, training, and surveys is influenced by...

  • The number of stakeholders involved in the project
  • The number of target groups
  • The number of information systems
  • The number of training sessions



Software Maintenance Cost

The cost of maintenance services depends on the package chosen by the client. At Trinidad Wiseman, we offer three fixed maintenance packages based on the project size, and there is also an option to request a personalized package. For AppDynamics, software costs apply, in addition to a consultation fee.

    Success stories from clients

    Web Analytics Solution for the European Food Safety Authority

    We analysed the current usability status of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)'s three websites – EFSA main page, openEFSA, and connectEFSA – using web analytics. We developed and configured new key usability metrics for EFSA to assess the usability level of the websites and related issues, and reviewed and improved the settings in Piwik.


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    The North Estonia Medical Centre
    Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications + Social Insurance Board
    Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
    Environmental Investment Centre
    Minister of Education and Research
    Tallinn Orphanage
    Tender Electronic Daily (TED)

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    Liina Martõnjak

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    Liina is the Head of Service Design at Trinidad Wiseman. With over 14 years of experience in the IT industry, she has worked in roles ranging from developer to interaction designer. Liina holds a master's degree in Interaction Design from University College London and a master's degree in Informatics from TalTech. She has also shared her expertise as a guest lecturer at TalTech and IT College.

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