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At Trinidad Wiseman, we believe that sharing our knowledge and experience is beneficial to all of us. At TWN Academy, you’ll find helpful materials to teach you how to evaluate and order service design and digital transformation services.

Digital Guides

Engaging and Practical Guides to Conquer the Digital World

Enhance your virtual bookshelf with our concise and illustrative digital guides, introducing key principles across various UX domains. These guides are available for free; to order, simply click on the guide link.



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  • What is a prototype and why is it useful?
  • What questions should be asked when testing a prototype?
  • When and in what format should feedback be collected?


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This free case study provides UX designers with affordable and rapid ways to measure usability in the user experience industry.


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Workshops and Training

Step Up in The World of User Experience and Digital Transformation

At Trinidad Wiseman, we offer a diverse range of training related to user experience and digital transformation. Our trainers are experienced practitioners who support theoretical learning with real-world examples, and participants receive relevant advice and practical tips. Training includes hands-on tasks and discussions. 

Read more about how Trinidad Wiseman's specialists carry out training sessions and why it is beneficial for both designers and non-designers to participate in service design trainings.


Trainings are divided into half-day (4-hour) sessions. The cost of one session starts at €1500 + VAT (for up to 8 people, in the client's premises and with the client's equipment; travel and accommodation expenses and, if necessary, customization cost of training are added).

Training Topics

  • User experience 
  • Accessibility 
  • Development 
  • Atlassian tools 


User Experience

We provide a training program that focuses on various aspects of user experience, imparted through hands-on workshops. Challenging common misconceptions, user experience is not merely a 'soft' subject; it is, in fact, a tangible area that can be systematically developed and measured

You can order the following in-depth user experience courses from us:


  • Customer and user analysis for website or information system requirements 
  • Creating a navigation scheme through card sorting 
  • Website structure and menu creation techniques 
  • Customer journey mapping and service blueprint creation 
  • Paper prototyping and practical prototyping with Axure RP 
  • Usability testing and evaluation 
  • Measuring user experience and the usability of a website or a portal 
  • Planning a usability testing project 


    Trinidad Wiseman’s specialists have extensive experience in testing and improving web accessibility.


    We are excited to share our knowledge on creating, testing, and improving accessible and WCAG-compliant e-environments and mobile apps.

    Software Development

    Our development team is pleased to share their experience and knowledge on creating e-environments on Drupal and what agile development methodology entails.

    You can order the following software development courses from us:


    • Drupal training for beginners and advanced levels 
    • Software development management and agile development methodologies 

    Atlassian Tools

    Our Atlassian experts demonstrate how to effectively leverage Atlassian tools for your team's benefit. We provide training for users of Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, and Assets, addressing both beginners and advanced levels.


    To reinforce theory, we engage in practical exercises within the training instance. Learn more about our Atlassian trainings.

    Invite Trinidad Wiseman to Speak at Your Event


    Organizing a conference or another event and looking for an expert, experienced speaker who can inspire the audience with experiential stories, case studies, and practical tips? If so, you're in the right place. Familiarize yourself with our experts, their experiences, and presentation topics. 


    If you find a suitable specialist and topic, don't hesitate to get in touch with us! 


    If you wish to discuss your project or have questions about the work being done at Trinidad Wiseman, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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