Redesigning Web Environments

Coop's Web Solution Development Journey and Vision for Web Environments

Our client was Coop Eesti (COOP Estonia). This is the oldest and largest group in the retail sector in Estonia, 100% owned by Estonian consumers. Under this name, 19 independent regional consumer cooperatives operate with approximately 330 stores, 5500 employees, and 75,000 client-owners.

The goal of the project was to create a vision and recommended sequence for the development work of integrating various web environments. Based on this, the web, e-shop, self-service environment, and bank were consolidated into a single portal.  

  • Initially, our specialists interviewed stakeholders who interacted daily with the web environments to be integrated (including those involved with the Säästukaart, recipe creation, business managers, marketing department specialists, etc.). Based on the survey, we created personas, conducted user journey mapping workshops where we mapped both the users' and client's needs. We also organized idea generation workshops, where we, along with the stakeholders, sought new solutions to address the users' and client's problems and needs.
  • Next, we created a prototype of the vision for integrating the web environments, which we tested on end-users. We analyzed the business requirements and carried out a preliminary analysis for the software development process, including the creation of a roadmap and an initial volume estimate.


Based on the created vision and roadmap, Coop was able to initiate development work for consolidating multiple separate web environments.