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Trinidad Wiseman Intelex Insight

As a result of strategic partnership, our long-term collaborator Intelex Insight has become Trinidad Wiseman's center for machine learning and business analytics. This development allows us to offer our clients new services, combining the best features of data science and service design. As we assist our clients in implementing changes within their organizations, we now have the capability to measure their performance in real time.

Trinidad Wiseman OÜ

Service design and digital transformation company.

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Intelex Insight OÜ


A data science, business analytics and machine learning company specialising in the Microsoft BI platform and Power BI.

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  • IBAN: EE161010220055326017
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Our Offices

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Kastani pst 10, Rakvere, 44307 Lääne-Viru maakond

In Rakvere, we also work in a thermally active office located in the heart of the city, surrounded by greenery, next to the Sports Center.

You can recognize the three-story grey building on Kastani Boulevard by the Trinidad Wiseman logo and colors. Our office spaces are situated on the second and third floors.


Meistri 14, 13517 Tallinn

We work in a thermally active green office located near the Haabersti-Mustamäe border, in close proximity to the Tallinn Zoo. You can recognize the four-story building on Meistri Street by its facade covered in climbing plants and the Trinidad Wiseman logo. Our workspace is situated on the fourth floor.


The office's location at the end of the Putukaväli amidst cycling paths allows for commuting to work by bike or walking, and it provides the opportunity to enjoy leisure breaks with a walk in the green corridor.

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Questions and Media Inquiries

We aim to respond to your questions within 3 working days. However, this timeframe may extend if the inquiry requires more extensive data collection, analysis, or clarification.


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Main Contacts

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Business Development

The Business Development unit is responsible for finding new projects, acquiring new clients, and recruiting new employees. In business development, we conduct marketing and sales activities for both new and existing clients, aiming to support the growth and profitability of Trinidad Wiseman. To achieve the best results, business development works closely with the service design and digital transformation units, which provide services to clients.

Marko Nemberg

Business Development Director

Marko leads sales and business development, both locally and internationally. He is an expert in public procurement and advocates for human-centered design. Additionally, he serves as our PR lead, Product Owner, DPO, and data protection consultant.

Marko Leppik

Business Development Manager, Partner

Marko, one of our co-founders, brings extensive experience in internet marketing and creating high-performing websites. He plays a crucial role in supporting new clients and spearheading the planning of complex projects.

Peeter Ossip

Business Development Manager, Partner

Peeter, one of our co-founders, has been actively engaged in the web and software development industry since 2000. As the head of TWN's Rakvere office, he oversees project management, sales, personnel, and strategic matters on a daily basis. Peeter's extensive experience and expertise contribute to the success of our operations.

Ander Tenno

CEO, Partner

Ander is the CEO of Trinidad Wiseman. While his primary focus is on business development activities, he also brings his expertise in project management and process improvement to larger IT procurement initiatives. Ander holds two doctoral degrees, one in engineering from Aalto University and another from TalTech. He is a member of the Scrum Alliance and holds licenses as a Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Master.

Hegle Sarapuu-Johanson

Chief Innovation Officer, Partner

Hegle is a co-founder of TWN and serves as our innovation manager, overseeing the development of our services and organization. With over 20 years of experience in user experience, service design, and information technology, she is one of the pioneers of UX in Estonia and possesses comprehensive skills and expertise across the entire project life cycle. Hegle's responsibilities include managing TWN's innovation process, exploring new service business models, adopting emerging technologies, and implementing new work methodologies.

Helen Mere

Marketing Manager

Helen is responsible for the planning and execution of marketing efforts at Trinidad Wiseman. Her key areas of responsibility include marketing strategy and campaigns, Trinidad Wiseman's website and marketing channels, data analysis, as well as social media and customer events. With her expertise, Helen ensures the development and implementation of effective marketing initiatives that drive brand visibility, engage the target audience, and support business growth.

Digital Transformation

The digital transformation field brings together software development specialists and developers whose output is to implement our partners' ambitious ideas in machine code. To achieve the best results, the digital transformation field closely collaborates with service design specialists and analysts. This collaborative approach ensures seamless integration of innovative design concepts and analytical insights into the implementation process.

Eva Salumäe

Head of Digital Transformation

Eva, our head of digital transformation, brings a strong background in software development to the team. With a bachelor's degree in mathematics from the University of Tartu and a master's degree in business administration from EBS, she has honed her expertise in the field for over 15 years. Eva has successfully served as both a project manager and a team leader, showcasing her versatile skills in managing and leading software development projects.

Anniki Jaama

Web Development -Team Lead

Anniki is the team leader of the Rakvere web development and maintenance team. With extensive experience in the IT field, she has served as a project manager, optimizing business and support processes for both large clients and the development team. Anniki's expertise lies in effectively managing projects, ensuring seamless coordination between stakeholders, and driving successful outcomes. 

Brigite Helena Sarapuu

Atlassian - Team Lead

Brigite Helena has a wealth of experience in selling, implementing, and creating customised solutions for Atlassian products. She leads the Atlassian team and is also a seasoned Confluence specialist with extensive knowledge of user-centered approaches.

Kadi Rosenthal

Web Development -Team Lead

Kadi leads a team that implements various development projects, ranging from web solutions to custom information systems. With extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge in product management, project management, analysis, testing, and design (UX and UI) in both public and private sectors, Kadi brings a comprehensive skill set to the table. Additionally, Kadi is an experienced specialist in digital accessibility (WCAG) and has conducted accessibility testing for various websites.

Silver Jõgi

Web Development -Team Lead

Silver leads a development team specialized in custom solutions, equipped with expert knowledge to create complex and specific information systems. With a diverse background in the IT landscape, including marketing, programming, sales process planning, business analysis, and project management, Silver brings a wealth of experience to the table. He has contributed to the strategic planning of web strategies for numerous large and small businesses and successfully executed development processes for intricate projects.

Sulev Kraam

Web Development -Team Lead

Sulev leads a development team specializing in custom solutions. With their expert experience in analysis, user experience, design, development, and testing, they are able to create complex and specific information systems. Sulev also has extensive experience in optimizing business and support processes, as well as building information systems for both the private and public sectors.

Service Design

Specialists in the field of service design handle everything related to user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, service design, as well as business and pre-analysis. You can approach us at any stage of the project - from idea development to the creation and evaluation of new digital solutions. Our expertise spans the entire design process, ensuring comprehensive support from conceptualization to implementation.

Liina Martõnjak

Head of Service Design

Liina is the Head of Service Design at Trinidad Wiseman. With over 14 years of experience in the IT industry, she has worked in roles ranging from developer to interaction designer. Liina holds a master's degree in Interaction Design from University College London and a master's degree in Informatics from TalTech. She has also shared her expertise as a guest lecturer at TalTech and IT College.

Darja Prants

Service and UX design, trainings - Team Lead

Darja is an experienced designer and team leader with a diverse skill set. Her team is highly versatile, covering a wide range of areas from user research and prototyping to web design and visual identity creation, across industries such as tourism, complex information systems, and startups. With nearly half a lifetime dedicated to the field of design, Darja has held roles as a graphic designer, user experience designer, project manager, and educator, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work.

Hardi Niilo

Interaction Designer- Team Lead

Hardi, a team leader with over 12 years of design experience, leads a team primarily focused on user interface design. In addition, his team of designers possesses coding skills and understands how to technically implement their created solutions. Hardi is also the head of design systems at Trinidad Wiseman, showcasing his expertise in this field.

Helen Müür

Service Design, Analysis & UX Design Team Lead

Helen leads a team of analysts and designers on a daily basis, providing training for new team members and actively participating as a consultant in projects. With extensive experience in designing various public and private sector services, Helen has been involved in projects as an analyst, user experience designer, and project manager. She has previously managed development teams, employing both agile and traditional methods.

Janno Killing-Jaago

UX Strategy, Neuro UX & Visuals Team Lead

It's an exciting time to be an interaction designer, and the team led by Janno exemplifies that excitement. Our daily work revolves around creating goal-driven e-commerce platforms, visually distinctive interactive solutions, intuitive presentations of complex data, immersive VR experiences, and utilizing brainwave measurements to gain insights into user preferences. With over 10 years of experience in crafting visuals and interaction designs for clients in both the public and private sectors, Janno brings a wealth of expertise to the team. 

Kaarel Koosapoeg

Service Design, Analysis - Team Lead

Kaarel leads a team of analysts, providing guidance, training, and consultancy in projects. He began his career as a business consultant at PwC, specializing in the IT field. With extensive experience in advising clients from both the public and private sectors, Kaarel has a strong background in business, pre-analysis, and system analysis. In addition to his work with systems, Kaarel has conducted IT audits, developed strategies, conducted industry-specific research, and assisted companies in setting goals and establishing key performance indicators.

Human Resource Management

The recruiter plays a crucial role in our team by sourcing and attracting new talent, conducting job interviews, and ensuring a positive candidate experience throughout the recruitment process.

Liis Rillo


Liis is responsible for ensuring that the best talents join Trinidad Wiseman and grow with us. Her daily work involves assisting and supporting our team leaders in recruitment processes, ensuring a positive and memorable candidate experience, and supporting employer branding initiatives. Liis plays a crucial role in attracting top talent, fostering a positive employer brand image, and creating a seamless and enjoyable recruitment journey for candidates.

Office Management

Office managers play a vital role in ensuring the seamless functioning of our offices and company as a whole. Their responsibilities span a broad spectrum, ranging from providing support to specialists and managing internal projects to overseeing office operations, handling administrative tasks, managing invoices, and  contributing to the company's internal marketing efforts.

Helen Pink

Office Manager

Helen provides support to specialists and oversees all support activities to ensure smooth operations within the company. She is responsible for managing and ensuring the success of internal projects.  Additionally, she warmly welcomes our guests and ensures their positive experience with our company.

Nadežda Videvik

Office Manager

Nadežda is responsible for supporting specialists and facilitating effective communication within the company. Her wide range of responsibilities includes project management, office administration, and providing a warm welcome to our guests. She plays a vital role in ensuring smooth operations and creating a positive experience for both our team members and visitors.

If you wish to discuss your project or have questions about the work being done at Trinidad Wiseman, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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